Instructor’s guide#

Learning outcomes#

  • Basics of Git/ version control

    • Commits

    • Branches

    • Forks

    • Clones

  • Creating repositories

    • Using the web interface

      • Creating repositories on GitHub

      • Record (commit) changes

      • Browse changes

      • Cloning existing repositories

      • Repository insights and settings

    • Using GitHub Desktop

      • Cloning existing repositories

      • Record (commit) changes

      • Browse changes

  • Contributing to existing repositories

    • Adding collaborators

    • Creating a pull request

    • How to propose, review, and discuss changes

  • Sharing your own work

    • How to get DOIs for projects on GitHub

  • How to share websites/homepages using GitHub Pages


First iteration of this workshop is given as 2 x (almost) 2 hours, one week apart.

Exercise repository for the “contributing” episode#

Generate an exercise repository from coderefinery/template-contributing-exercise.